International repatriation flight due to arrive in Tasmania early January 2021

Tasmania is playing our part in helping vulnerable Australians return home from overseas to reunite with their families and loved ones. Every state is playing a role in this compassionate operation, including Tasmania.

“At the same time, we will not risk the health and safety of Tasmanians and that is why we will continue to have all the appropriate safeguards in place for a second flight, now due to arrive in Tasmania on 8 January 2021.” Said Premier, Peter Gutwein.

“This flight will depart from India and the city of departure is currently being finalised.”

“As we have previously said, we have all the appropriate safeguards in place, including testing for travellers (except for children under 12 years) before leaving their country of origin, and routine testing whilst in hotel quarantine. We will also continue to have the ADF here to assist us and AUSMAT on standby.”

“The systems and safeguards we have in place for international arrivals are working well and we remain committed to continuing to assisting the national effort to help Australians return home from overseas.”

“I can confirm that as there were no positive cases identified in the second round of testing of seasonal workers from Timor Leste, they are due to finish their quarantine on Thursday and begin working to support Tasmania’s important harvest season. “

“I’d like to thank all the workers and those who have facilitated their stay in quarantine for following the rules and keeping Tasmanians safe. The seasonal workers will continue to be monitored for symptoms by quarantine staff until approved for release from quarantine.”

“A second flight of seasonal workers is due to arrive in Tasmania from Tonga overnight on Friday 18 December. They will be subject to all the same safeguards as their counterparts from Timor Leste.”

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