Injured diver rescued

A large number of Tasmania Police and Ambulance Tasmania officers responded to an injured diver at Tinderbox in the state’s south this afternoon.

Around 12.40pm, a group of divers phoned for assistance following one of the divers sustaining injuries when entering the water.

A 27-year-old Coningham woman hit a submerged rock when entering the water from nearby rocks.  She was able to be removed from the water and treated by Ambulance Tasmania officers on land.

The Police Vessel Cape Wickham, which was patrolling waterways nearby, attended the scene and gained access to the area by tender. 

Kingston Uniform police, along with Search and Rescue officers, attended and were able to access the scene by land. 

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter was also activated to attend the scene.  The diver was stabilised and winched from the scene for transport to the Royal Hobart Hospital for treatment. The diver is in a stable condition.

Each year, Kingston Police respond to a number of calls of injured divers and walkers on the many cliff areas in the municipality. 

“As the weather continues to improve and we see more people participating in water related activities, it’s a good time to remind swimmers to familiarise themselves with the area before diving.” says Senior Constable Richard KEYGAN. 

“Divers need to familiarise themselves with the area they are swimming in and ensure that they enter the water safely.”

“This incident is a very good example of the importance of adopting the ‘Buddy System’ of swimming with another person at all times, should an incident occur. “

Assistance for the injured woman was able to be summoned quickly.

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