Heavy rain causes havoc across the state

Overnight rain and wind has caused multiple hazards on our roads.

Rock debris was reported on the Highland Lakes Road earlier this morning approximately 5km north of Bothwell, with a second incident on Lymington Road between Lymington and Cygnet.

We have also received reports of water over the road on Middle Tea Tree Road, near the public golf club.

The following roads are currently closed due to the current inclement weather

  • Norfolk Road – Between Balfour and Corinna.
  • Pinnacle Road – from the Springs

The following roads are open, but are reported as hazardous


  • Highland Lakes Road – North of Bothwell – Rock Debris on road.
  • Highland Lakes Road, Blackburn Creek – Water over the road, in excess of 30cm.
  • Lake Dobson Road – Snow – 4WD only.
  • Lyell Highway, Ouse – Water over the road, approximately 1km west of the town boundary.
  • Lymington Road – Between Lymington and Cygnet – Rock Debris
  • Middle Tea Tree Road – near the Public Golf Course – Water over the road.
  • Nicholls Rivulet Road – Approx half way along. – Landslide, rocks and debris.  Council advised and attending.
  • Pass Road, Glebe Hill – Water over the road, near the the new sub-division round-a-bout.
  • Pybus Hill, Bruny Island Main Road – Water over the road – Council advised and attending.
  • Stonor Road, Jericho – Water over the road, just off the Midland Highway.


  • Henty Road, 1km Strahan Side of Little Henty Bridge – Tree on the road – Stornoway in attendance.
  • With today’s weather forecast, Tasmanian Police are asking all drivers to drive to the conditions.

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