Government review impacts of student learning due to COVID-19

Jeremy Rockcliff, Minister for Education and Training, today issued a media release advising a committee has been established to provide further advice on how COVID-19 has affected the learning of Tasmanian students.

A cross-sector Ministerial Advisory Committee has been established to provide advice on how COVID-19 has impacted the learning of Tasmanian students.

Throughout COVID-19, the Tasmanian Government has worked closely with all education sectors to ensure that no student’s learning is further disrupted as a result of the pandemic.

The aim of the committee is to ensure that student well-being is at the centre of any decision-making process, and advise on:

  • The best processes to implement to support all learners for the remainder of 2020;
  • The innovative practices which have developed across all sectors and how these can be adapted and shared;
  • The impacts of course adjustments and external assessment processes for Year 11 and 12 students; and
  • Any other matters impacting education as a result of COVID-19.

Key focus areas will be early years learning, years 11 and 12,  student well-being and second wave planning.

The Committee will remain in place until March 2021 and consists of representatives from Catholic Education Tasmania, Independent Schools Tasmania and the Department of Education, who have been nominated based on their understanding and expertise in the education sector.

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