Government propose an increase into the retiring age for Tasmanian judges and magistrates

The Tasmanian Government are calling on the public for a consultation on their proposal to introduce legislation that will increase the mandatory retirement age for judges and magistrates to 75 rather than the current age of 72.

“The increase of the age of judicial retirement will support the courts’ ability to operate effectively, retain continuity and valuable institutional knowledge from our most experienced judges and magistrates, and also aid in progressing the backlogs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.” Said Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice

“Importantly, it recognises that Tasmanians are living and working for longer than they were in 2005, when the retirement age was last increased.”

The Justice Miscellaneous (Increasing Judicial Retirement Age) Bill 2021 will provide for amendments to the Supreme Court Act 1887, the Supreme Court Act 1959, and the Magistrates Court Act 1987.

A public consultation period for the Bill is now open and submissions close on 19 February 2021

The Bill can be viewed at

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