Glenorchy police take action against anti-social behaviour

Police are cracking down on illegal and anti-social activity within the Glenorchy shopping precinct and bus mall, taking a no-tolerance approach to offenders and disruptive behaviour.

Divisional Sergeant Amanda Hall said police are aware there has been an increase in the number of youths in public spaces engaging in disruptive behaviour recently.

“Our strategy is aimed at increasing the police presence during key times, to deter would-be offenders.”

“We saw this work effectively in the Rosny Bus Mall recently, with the police activity leading to significant reductions in anti-social behaviour, assaults, damage and graffiti.”

“As a result of the Glenorchy operation, several youths have already been issued with notices banning them from the Glenorchy shopping precinct.”

“Anyone caught committing offences will be dealt with by police,” said Sergeant Hall.

“This can include arrests, even for youths, under the Youth Justice Act.”

“When youth offenders are identified, police speak with their parents and guardians and work closely with the Youth Crime Intervention Unit to engage the young people in productive activities and prevent further offending.”

“We urge community members who have information about anti-social behaviour or other offences being committed, or footage of such activity taking place, to share this with police.”

“Information from the public is vital to help us keep public spaces safe by reducing crime and identifying offenders. “

“If you see any anti-social behaviour, contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on at You can stay anonymous.”

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