Firearms amnesty sees a large number of firearms and ammunition surrendered

(Image: Tasmania Police)

Dozens of firearms have been surrendered in a major firearms amnesty drive across Northern Tasmania this weekend.

Inspector Scott Flude said that more than 50 firearms were handed in, as well as significant quantities of ammunition across venues including Carrick, Newnham, Pipers River and St Helens.

Items surrendered included:

  • 50 firearms 
  • Approximately 40kg of ammunition.
  • A World War 2 Pistol
  • A cut down 22 rifle 
  • A military style rifle with a bayonet
  • A further 10 firearms will be collected during the upcoming week.

“Tasmania has a permanent firearms amnesty where people can hand in their firearms -unregistered or otherwise- without fear of being prosecuted.” Inspector Flude said.

“We take every opportunity to take illegal firearms off our streets by having a permanent firearms amnesty, carrying out random firearms storage inspections and investigating diligently when firearms incidents or thefts occur.”

“Any illicit firearm is a concern to Tasmania Police. Firearms in the wrong hands are dangerous and are of utmost concern to police.”

Inspector Flude said that people with information about illegal firearms should contact police or Crime Stoppers anonymously.

“We know that there are people out there in the community who know people in possession of illegal firearms. Please come forward provide information so we can take these illegal firearms off the street permanently.”

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