Driver disqualified from driving after travelling well over speed limit

A 26 year old Zeehan man has been charged with excessive speed after being detected travelling at 145km/hr on the Henty Road at Strahan which is a 100 km/hr zone.

Police detected a silver Toyota Hilux at about 5:25 pm on Friday 23rd October 2020. The driver was fined $989, lost 6 demerit points and will receive a minimum 4 month disqualification from driving.

A 40 year old Ulverstone man has been charged with excessive speed after he was caught travelling at 174 km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone.

Tasmania Police detected a red Ford sedan travelling at excessive speed on Waratah Road, Waratah at about 6:45 pm on Sunday 25th August 2020.

The vehicle was clamped for 28 days and the driver will be summonsed to appear in court for excessive speed.

“Speeding is a well-documented factor in fatalities and serious crashes” said Sergeant James Scicluna. “These speeds can easily result in death and it is extremely disappointing that these detections have come so soon after the launch of the new road safety media campaign.”

“It is easy to become complacent on remote country roads but our message to the public is, if you choose to speed, expect to meet us where you least expect to.”

Any information pertaining to unsafe driving practices can be provided to police on 131 444 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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