Drink driver crashes into multiple vehicles

At about 2.30am on Sunday 25th July 2021 Hobart police responded to reports of a vehicle which had collided with multiple cars in Hobart. Police followed the trail of damage from Davey Street to Tolman’s Hill where the car, a silver Mitsubishi Triton E35FC was located with significant front end crash damage.

The owner of that car, a 25yr old man from Tolman’s Hill was taken into custody. He underwent breath analysis and subsequently was charged with several driving offences including failing to stop at a crash, driving under the influence and exceeding 0.05%, namely 0.182, which is nearly 4 times the legal alcohol limit.

As a result, the driver was bailed to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court 6th October 2021. He was also issued with an immediate disqualification from driving for 24 months.

Police have identified several damaged vehicles, however if there are any further vehicles or damage not yet reported police ask that those owners contact police.

Police continue to be dismayed at the risk-taking behaviour displayed by some motorists. We remind drivers if they are in any doubt as to their suitability to drive, don’t drive. This sort of inconsiderate and selfish behaviour can have tragic consequences.

Police are also calling for any witnesses to come forward and contact Hobart police or Crimestoppers.

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