Coles Bay boat and trailer facilities upgraded

John Tucker, the Member for Lyons announced today that the boat and trailer parking facilities at Coles Bay have recently received a substantial upgrade

“Recreational boating enthusiasts exploring the waters off Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula can now use upgraded boat and trailer parking facilities at Coles Bay.”

“The $400,000 project is part of the Tasmanian Government’s Taking Recreational Fishing and Boating to the next level election commitment and provides new parking facilities for an additional 15 boat trailers near the community hall in Coles Bay.”

“This is great news for locals and will make it easier for visitors to explore Freycinet’s pure waters, calm coastline and towering pink granite cliffs.”

“Due to limited suitable land adjacent to the boat ramp, the project included improvements to the adjacent footpaths, along with signage to direct users to new parking facilities.”

“The project has been completed by the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council under a grant deed with the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS).”

“The Coles Bay trailer parking improvements are one of four projects across the state, with work currently underway to upgrade the existing car and trailer parking and connecting walkways, along with widening the access road to the boat ramp at Pirates Bay on the Tasman Peninsula.”

“Planning is also well advanced for both an expansion to existing boat trailer parking on the foreshore at Swansea and the formalisation of boat trailer parking at Burns Bay near St Helens.”

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