Change to time frame for TAS e-travel registration

From midnight tonight all travellers to Tasmania will be required to register their travel through Tas e-Travel no more than one day before they travel.

Previously travellers could register through Tas e-Travel up to three days before they travelled.

The new one-day requirement helps ensure declarations about previous movements are as up-to-date as possible, especially while new high-risk premises are regularly identified in other jurisdictions.

New high-risk premises are regularly identified in other jurisdictions and restrictions are being placed on travel in response to outbreaks. As part of their registration, travellers to Tasmania are required to declare whether they have been in high risk areas, or in high-risk premises at relevant times.

Travellers who have only spent time in low-risk areas in the 14 days prior to arrival in Tasmania are not required to quarantine upon arrival.

Travellers arriving from low-risk areas are permitted to transit directly through medium-risk and high-risk areas without being subject to quarantine requirements if they comply with specific conditions. 

Anyone who has been in medium or high-risk premises or areas must apply for Essential Traveller status through the G2G PASS system.  Time frames for a G2G PASS have not changed: Where possible, G2G submissions should be made at least three business days before arrival and not more than 14 days before travel.

Travel restrictions and border entry requirements can change quickly. Tasmanian residents and visitors should stay informed about current border requirements and high-risk premises and areas by regularly visiting

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