Businesses and taxis/ rideshares checked for COVID compliance

Tasmania Police officers have joined with Environmental Health Officers, Transport Inspectors and WorkSafe Inspectors this week in high-visibility to raise awareness of the requirement for customers to ‘check in’ at shops, cafes, taxis (including ride shares) and other venues across the state.

Under Section 16 of the Public Heath Act, businesses are required to register for Check In TAS and provide access to a QR code. All people aged 16 years and older are required to check-in.

Anyone who refuses to check-in faces a fine of $778.50.

Compliance checks have already taken place in Hobart and Launceston with another check to be conducted in Burnie on Monday, 30th August.

Tasmania Police Assistant Commissioner Jonathan Higgins said “We’ve been taking an educative approach for some time now and people have had time to adapt to the requirement to check-in.”

“Anyone who fails to check in, and then refuses to do so upon request, will face a fine.”

“The days of action are about actively monitoring compliance and increasing awareness that this is not a choice and people must check in.” He said.

Department of Health Secretary and State Health Commander Kathrine Morgan-Wicks said “Most Tasmanians are committed to keeping Tasmania COVID free, and understand that Check In TAS is a tool that will support us to identify and follow up with people if we learn they may have been exposed to a positive case of COVID-19.”

“The responsibility is on both businesses and patrons to support the Check In TAS arrangements.” She said.

Compliance checks in Hobart on Thursday, 26th August seen Tasmania Police issue two cautions. The cautions were issued to people whose behaviour demonstrated they had not checked in anywhere previously.

Authorities conducted compliance checks in Launceston on 15 taxis and rideshare vehicles and visited 94 businesses.

Tasmania Police provided formal advice to 25 people about checking in, and WorkSafe Tasmania issued two improvement notices to businesses.

To find out more information on the Check In TAS app, click here.

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