Bike seized, licence disqualified and a large fine for reckless motorbike rider

Police from Southern Road and Public Order Services have seized a man’s motorcycle and suspended his licence after he was caught speeding excessively at Berriedale today.

Acting Inspector Justin Lawson said the 25-year-old rider from Bridgewater was caught travelling at 150km/h in a 100km/h zone on the Brooker Highway about 11am.

“Travelling at such speeds demonstrates completely reckless behaviour, placing both the rider and other road users at risk” he said.

“Not only has his motorcycle been seized for 28 days, but he has had his licence disqualified for 4 months, on top of a 6-demerit point and $989 penalty.”

“Excessive speed is still the single largest contributor to fatal and serious injury crashes on our roads.”

“Targeting high risk driving behaviour will always be a priority to Tasmania Police.”

“Don’t let poor decision making mean it’s your vehicle we’re seizing next.”

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