Aurora boosts NILS funding in the lead up to winter

AURORA Energy has provided an additional $150,000 in funding to No Interest Loans (NILS) to help finance its Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy scheme for low-income Tasmanians the lead up to winter.

The program funds 50 per cent of the cost to purchase new energy efficient heat pumps (min 2.5 star rating) up to a maximum purchase price of $3,000. Also new washing machines, fridges and freezers (min three star energy rating) have a subsidy of $300 taken off the purchase price.

In the last 18 months alone, the program has provided no interest loans for Tasmanians to buy 478 fridges, 431 washing machines, 216 heat pumps and 66 freezers.

NILS CEO John Hooper said acquiring the products, which end up costing much less than the retail price, would be out of the reach for most low-income Tasmanians without the local support.

“This scheme enables financially vulnerable Tasmanians to save on energy and get a much-needed energy efficient appliance. We know by talking to clients that they are incredibly grateful for the subsidy scheme and the support of those who make it possible, like Aurora.” Mr Hooper said.

“Every dollar of subsidy provided by Aurora has saved each family $5 if they had turned to rent-to-buy companies as the alternative.” The increase brings Aurora Energy’s commitment to close to $2.5M in funding to the program since first partnering with NILS in 2015.

Aurora Chief Operating Officer Kane Ingham said the extra funding would provide greater opportunity for concession customers to improve their energy efficiency and power bill affordability, which is even more important as the cooler months approach.

“We’ve been a long-time supporter of NILS because we know inefficient energy usage is a key driver of high energy bills.” Mr Ingham said.

Aurora customers requiring assistance with managing their energy bills can call the YES Team on 1300 10 2010 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm).

Aurora also has a range of different payment options and support for others in need of a hand, including a $5M Customer Support Fund specifically aimed at helping residential and small business customers who have been impacted by COVID-19.

For further information the NILS Energy Saver Loan and Subsidy program, visit or call 1300 301 650.

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