Aurora announces new metering service provider

IMAGE: Cameron Blanks, Chairman, Intellihub; John Bruschi, CEO, TasMetering; Rebecca Kardos, CEO, Aurora Energy; Adrian Clark, CEO, Intellihub and Justin Poole, Metering Delivery Manager, Aurora Energy.

AURORA Energy has today announced a long-term partnership with electricity metering service provider, TasMetering.

TasMetering is headquartered in Hobart and is a Tasmanian focused operation of the Intellihub Group. It replaces Yurika as Aurora’s appointed metering coordinator to deliver advanced metering services to residential and small business customers in the state.

Advanced meters are the next generation of electricity meters and offer many more benefits than older style basic meters, including remote reading and an end to estimated bills, monthly billing; and help to facilitate new home energy services in the future.

The announcement complements the State Government’s election commitment to accelerate the roll out of advanced meters to all Tasmanians by 2026.

TasMetering CEO Jon Bruschi said the business would bring an experienced, reliable and customer focussed service to Tasmanian homes and businesses.

“We’re focussed on delivering outstanding customer service to Aurora Energy and its customers.” Mr Bruschi said.

“We’re aiming to set a new benchmark in quality metering, and we will be bringing the best technology
to showcase right here in Tasmania. This includes advanced digital tools for customers to schedule, track and give feedback on our service.“

“We will be delivering this service from our team based here in Tasmania, including 65 fulltime metering technicians working across the state.”

Aurora CEO Rebecca Kardos said advanced meters facilitate the development of modern products that empower customers to lower their energy costs.

“When paired with digital or other energy products that provide the metering data in a user friendly and informative way, advanced meters enable Tasmanians to make more informed choices about how and when they use electricity.” Mrs Kardos said.

“Being aware of your power use is an important energy saving tip. Knowing when and how much energy you’re using can help Tasmanians save money.”

Mrs Kardos added Aurora looked forward to partnering with TasMetering given the strong alignment in strategic goals, principles and culture between the two companies.

“TasMetering’s drive to provide customers with the best possible experience is something that really resonated with us.” Mrs Kardos said.

There is no upfront cost for a customer to have an advanced meter installed in the majority of situations unless works are required to upgrade existing infrastructure to meet current metering specifications and safety standards.

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