Acting Labor leader concerned with the progress from the new Liberal Health Minister

Acting Labor Leader Anita Dow stated in a media release today that the new Health Minister’s 100-day Health Plan needs more action and a less conversation.

“The plan must address the concerns of Tasmanians and our hard-working health workers who have been speaking out about the health crisis for years.” She said.

Ms Dow said that government’s plan is basically a meeting schedule – not an immediate plan or different approach to addressing the failings in our health and hospital system.

“Tasmanians have had enough of the multitude of meetings about health over the Liberals seven years in Government and want real action to fix this crisis.”

“Minister Jeremy Rockliff has been handed the most important responsibility in government, ensuring health and well-being and access to health care is delivered for all Tasmanians.”

“Tasmania just can’t afford to continue on the path of the significant deterioration of our health system which was started by the former failed Health Minister Michael Ferguson and continued by his successor Sarah Courtney.”

“Minister Jeremy Rockliff has an opportunity to do things differently and deliver for Tasmanians.”

“The reality is, we still have a devastating situation where more than 12,000 Tasmanians are on a waiting list for necessary surgery and more than 50,000 are waiting for an appointment with a doctor.”

Ms Dow said the health crisis is significantly impacting the quality of life for many Tasmanians.

“With those sort of numbers – one in 10 Tasmanians waiting for an appointment with a specialist – promises can’t be broken again, the situation can’t be allowed to deteriorate further.”

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