10 Best Camping Spots In Tasmania

When it comes to planning a camping trip in Tassie, you need to know the best camping spots in Tasmania.

Whether you’re looking to camp on the beach, or deep in the wilderness, these best camping spots in Tasmania have something for everyone!

1. Richardsons Beach – Freycinet National Park

Richardsons Beach is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

This picturesque camping ground is located on the East Coast of Tasmania, just over 2 hours away from Launceston, and easily makes it in at the top of the best camping spots in Tasmania.

Richardsons Beach is located within the Freycinet National Park area and offers many different activities to suit the whole family. This campsite offers holiday makers the flexibility of camping in a Caravan or in a tent with reasonable privacy and a camping ground area measuring up to approximately the size of a double car garage. Speaking of cars, you can park your car right next to your camping ground. Alternatively, if you enjoy stargazing, there is no reason why you couldn’t just sleep under the stars too. Although, I would not recommend this throughout the cooler months.

Richardsons Beach Sunset view best camping spots in Tasmania
View of the Sunset from Richardsons Beach

Aside from enjoying the peace and quiet, there are a few walking tracks within close vicinity to the camping grounds, such as Mount Amos and Wineglass Bay Lookout. Another great walking track if you are not up for a challenge is the Cape Tourville lookout. Whilst a much easier walk for everyone, this lookout still offers some fantastic views of the area.

Swimming, kayaking and going for a walk along the beach are no problem for this campsite. With a short track from your camp area offering you quick and convenient access to and from the beach.

Unfortunately, this area doesn’t permit the use of an open fire, however you are able to take a gas/fuel stove with you. This camping area also offers drink refilling stations along with toilets and a cold shower.

As this is a National Park, you will need to grab yourself a park pass to enter, however there are different options available to suit your requirements.

2. Mt William National Park – Musselroe Bay

Best camping spots in Tasmania

Located at the tip of North-East Tasmania, is where you will find Musselroe Bay camping grounds along with other close by campsites such as the Stumpy Bay campsites. This remote camping site is located just over 2 hours out of Launceston.

Depending on your style of camping, Musselroe Bay may be just the place for you. This camping area is sure to provide you with a ‘real’ camping experience, making it one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

This campsite has it all, from the cosy campfire to the journey of trekking into your campsite. There are scenic lookouts and fishing areas close by to the campsite along with bushwalking tracks and the potential for bird watching to top off your holiday.

Whilst this is mainly a ‘walk-in’ campsite, you can drive into the site during certain times of the year, that being between Christmas and Easter time.

As this campsite is remote, you should take plenty of water with you and of course, firewood to keep cosy.

This campsite is also suitable for off road camper trailers and caravans. It is possible to set up a tent, however due to rough weather, it isn’t really recommended.

3. Narawntapu National Park – Bakers Point Camping Area

Bakers Beach in Narawntapu is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

Do you like water sports? Then this is the place for you. As one of the best camping spots in Tasmania, this one is close by to the campsites you can engage in a spot of fishing, swimming or, if you are looking for a more thrill-seeking activity, you can go boating, sailing or water skiing.  Gas/fuel stoves are preferred on these campgrounds; however, wood fires are also permitted. This campsite is conveniently patrolled by a Ranger and as a bonus, firewood is supplied.

This campsite is conveniently located 1hr, 15 minutes out of Launceston and has toilet facilities along with drinking water too, however this should be boiled first.

There is a total of 36 camping sites located here, 16 of which are all suitable for camp trailers, caravans and motor homes too.

Along with the beautiful scenery and walking tracks, Narawntapu National Park is also rich with Aboriginal History and heritage. Historic items such as shell middens and other artefacts can be found along the walking trails.

This area is also known for its wildlife encounters and being able to see our beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. A great place to take the family.

4. Trout Creek Camping Area

Trout Creek is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

Does a family camping trip in one of the best camping spots in Tasmania mean taking your four-legged family member along too? Sometimes we need a holiday with our fur babies too. Trout Creek is a great little spot to do just that.

Just over 2 hours out of Launceston, Trout Creek can be found in the Scamander Forest Reserve, even better, this is a free campsite which you can stay at for up to four weeks.

This camping area is accessed via a narrow and steep gravel road which is rough throughout some parts, but a peaceful and tranquil location once you get there. Worth a look if you do not mind taking your time getting there.

For those interested in fishing, kayaking, canoeing, or swimming you can do all of this too and curl up with a campfire on those cold nights.

Whilst this campsite does have toilets, you will still need to take water and firewood with you and of course, anything else that you may require whilst you are away.

It probably goes without saying, but it is also recommended that you take a good insect repellent with you before you go. Usually anything with the ingredient ‘DEET’ works best.

With Trout Creek, you have the choice to camp right next to the river, or back from it a little bit where the camping area is grassed, and closer to the toilets which is a great bonus if you need to go a lot through the night.

The only time that this campground is likely to be full is over the Christmas/ New Year and Easter Holiday periods.

5. Fortescue Bay Campground

Perhaps you are new to camping and you’re not quite ready to forego a hot shower on your quiet little retreat away from ordinary life? Or maybe like most people, you just prefer a hot shower to a cold one? If one of the above statements sounds like you, then Fortescue Bay Campgrounds may just be the place for you.

Located in the far south-east of Tasmania, this remote site has all the perks. The toilets, the coin operated hot showers, the water sports and the campfire. This site also has water refilling available, although this should be boiled first.

Whilst this area isn’t pet friendly, you can still get out and enjoy bush walking and graded walking tracks along with viewing the area from scenic lookouts.

Fortescue Bay holds a total of 41 camping sites with a small number of sites that are ideal for bigger rigs.

If you forget to bring firewood with you, the campsite office has firewood available for purchase. Although the office is closed over the winter period.

This campsite is quite spectacular as there is so much for holiday makers to do. Activities range from swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing or sunbaking on the white sandy beach and listening to the waves tumble to shore.

6. Southern Forests – Esperance Camping Site

Esperance is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

Maybe you like to go mountain biking or horse riding? These activities are possible close by to the camping grounds, making this one of the best camping spots in Tasmania. You can also take your four-legged buddy with you on this trip in case you can’t go without spending your downtime with your dog.

Esperance Camping site is almost as far south as you can go, which makes it a 4-hour drive away from Launceston. Perhaps whilst your camping down there, you might like to go to the very southern edge of Tasmania. This would put you at Motts Beach which is approximately an hour’s drive from the campsite.

This site is suited to campers who don’t mind carrying their gear in from the car park. However, if you prefer to camp in a caravan/ camper trailer then there are spots available for you to do this too.

Visitors can collect water from the river; however, you should boil this first. If you like to have a shower whilst camping, then you should take a shower tent with you as there are no shower facilities available in this area.

This camping ground is great for visitors who enjoy water activities, walking and car touring.

Esperance can also offer an undercover picnic area and a campfire with some firewood supplied which is great if you need somewhere dry to cook your food, or somewhere warm to sit and enjoy our beautiful Island as we all know Tasmania can be notorious for its constant change in weather conditions.

7. Sandy Cape Camping Area

Sandy cape is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

This is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania, especially if you enjoy going off the beaten track, so if you like camping and 4-wheel driving, you might like to head over to Sandy Cape, located on Tasmania’s North-West Coast within the Arthur-Pieman conservation area. You should bring your own firewood and water with. This site also offers fishing and toilets.

Access to this camping ground is via Temma or the Balfour Track off Corinna Road. This track isn’t recommended for people who are new to 4-wheel driving due to its unpredictability. Before entering the track, you will need to contact the Ranger to obtain an off-road authority. They should also be able to provide you with information about the condition of the track. In total you will need to drive through about 24km of 4-wheel driving terrain.

The track between Temma and Greens Creek is rated as a Medium track, although depending on rainfall, this track can develop into a more challenging one with deep water sections more prominent.

The next 12km of track is from Greens Creek through to Sandy Cape and is rated as a hard 4-wheel driving trail. This is a sand driving track and it is therefore essential to grab some 4-wheel driving friends to go along with you.

This area has been known to swallow whole vehicles due to the occurrence of quicksand so having a good quality winch and a retrieval team on standby would be highly advantageous.

8. Walls of Jerusalem National Park

Walls of Jerusalem national park is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

If you are a seasoned walker and camper, you might appreciate an even more self-sufficient location than what has already been discussed. The Walls of Jerusalem offer some spectacular views of Tasmania’s craggy mountains and Central Highland plateau region. The landscape around this area is formed due to the process of glaciation. These spectacular view make it one of the best camping spots in Tasmania

There is a camp ground called Wild Dog Creek which is approximately a 2-3 hour walk in from the carpark, however to complete the entire Walls of Jerusalem trail it will take you about 2-4 days, depending on how many kilometres a day you walk.

Unfortunately, campfires are prohibited in this area, however you are permitted to take a Gas/Fuel stove with you. Hexamine fuel stoves are great because they are light weight and do not take up too much room. As an extra benefit, these stoves are designed in such a way, the fuel tablets are somewhat protected from the elements whilst you are cooking your food.

Walkers should be prepared for dramatic weather changes whilst visiting this spectacular part of the state. If you prefer the self-sufficient style of overnight hiking and you are up for a challenging trail that is just over 34km, then the Walls of Jerusalem will be sure to fulfil your desires. I know it’s on my bucket list of places to explore and experience, what about yours?

9. Lake Mackintosh Camping Area – Lake Mackintosh

As one of the best camping spots in Tasmania, Lake Mackintosh is well suited to the self-sufficient camper who enjoys a great spot for fishing or perhaps you just enjoy getting out on a boat for the day, you can take your dog with you on this trip too.

Close by to the campsite there are a few walks, and if you are up for a challenging bushwalk the views at the summit of Mount Farrell are worth the effort to get there.

This campsite is best suited for camper trailers, caravans and campervans as there is limited tent-based camping. Lake Mackintosh is not too far out from Tullah, a former mining town.

At the lake, along with fishing you can also enjoy a refreshing swim or maybe you would rather kayak your way through the lake.

Enjoy a great campfire if you like but be sure to take your own firewood with you and plenty of water too.

10. Cockle Creek Campground

If you are after a quiet, yet social retreat away from civilisation with like-minded people, Cockle Creek is just the place. This camping ground does not offer a great deal of privacy from neighbouring campers, but if you don’t mind meeting new people, you could be in for a real treat – making it one of the best camping spots in Tasmania.

Depending on the weather and when you go, there is the possibility of witnessing an Aurora Borealis. To have the best chance of witnessing this iconic beauty, experts recommend you should be as far south as possible and/or be looking south with as much of an unobstructed view as possible. The best time of year to view the Aurora Borealis is winter, but really it can be viewed any time of the year.

If you are planning on a trip down to the edge of Tasmania, make sure you take plenty of your essentials like water and if you intend to have a fire, you should take some wood with you to.

You can take dogs with you, although they are not permitted into the Southwest National Park which is located on the Southern side of the bridge.  

This campground is suitable for big rigs and there are also toilets available for use.

Cockle Creek is one of the best camping spots in Tasmania as it makes for a great little family getaway as it provides the ability to just reconnect with family and/or friends without any other distractions.

What do you think are the best camping spots in Tasmania? Let us know in the comments below!

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